New guy at Quin, old cycling dog, freshly minted IronMan.

Hi all, sharing here the highlights of my first month at Quin as Head of Sales.  The first month in any new role is an exciting and surreal time, taking on tons of new information and getting to know everyone. It’s even more so when you add in training for the Ironman 70.3 in France which I completed last weekend and becoming a cycle commuter in London again!

While busy, it’s been a great opportunity to try out the Quin technology and really get under the skin of my new gig and really understand the value of the product we’re bringing to the world.

Getting to try out a prototype Quin-equipped cycling helmet and the Quin Ride app has been a great privilege and such fun, a fascinating way to record and analyse my cycling performance - and of course reassure my loved ones of my safety during my commute.  It’s made me even more excited to be a part of the team bringing this product to fellow cyclists.

Embracing Data-Driven Safety with Quin Technology

I’ve always had a keen interest in new technology, especially when it relates to enhancing safety and performance in my cycling.  A month into my experience with Quin as a rider and I’m hooked.  The dashboard on the app gave me access to the full range of analytics which has helped me to fine-tune my regime and really optimise my training and performance.  It has been empowering to have real-time insights into my speed, distance, and overall performance, all while ensuring my safety.

As a former downhill rider, I’ve experienced my fair share of accidents and have been so happy to see the sport and athletes take their safety more and more seriously.  We know more than ever about the long-term implications of head trauma - the Quin sensor allows us to measure the size and nature of any knocks to the head, and, with the help of our medical professionals, can inform treatment.  Of course we take risks, but if we can harness technology to mitigate these as far as possible in a way that doesn’t interfere with the fun, so much the better. 

The other element that I’ve been enjoying peace of mind from is the Q-Protect system, which is also a hit with my wife.  If the Quin sensor on my helmet were to detect a crash level impact, it would send an alert to my emergency contacts.  This autumn we at Quin will upgrade this service in the UK and in 30 further countries across Europe - to the level we already have in the US.  Mission critical data such as location, size and nature of the impact, medical information that I’ve uploaded into the app will be automatically sent to the relevant emergency service centre - as well as extras such as pictures of me and my bike so I can be easily located by first responders.

Knowing that this system has my back during those long, intense rides is reassuring for me and my family.  After a break for my training, I am really looking forward to getting back to my real passion - mountain biking - and the technology in this genre makes such sense - ride apart, but never alone…

In this digital world we live in I, for one, do not wish to become an analogue dinosaur, I have always moved with new emerging technology.  I’m also so excited about how this technology can support the trend for a global mobilisation of communities and a shift towards greener transport solutions.  Quin’s technology is more relevant than ever to people around the world that cycle in and among bigger road dwellers, safety and the ability to deal with a life changing situation needs to be automated and that’s what Quin technology does, it has already proven itself in the US and saved many lives. 

Building Data-Driven Connections and Looking Ahead to Eurobike

In my role as Head of Sales, I’m eager to foster strong relationships with both our current and potential brand partners. Quin’s commitment to innovation and data-driven safety aligns perfectly with the values of some of the industry’s most respected brands, and I’m looking forward to meeting with them at Eurobike in Frankfurt.

Eurobike is one of the premier events for the cycling industry and end consumers, and it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with new and existing partner brands.

These brands share our dedication to enhancing rider safety and performance through data, and I’m excited to explore new collaboration opportunities that will bring even more value to our partners and the riders.

The Road Ahead: Data as the Future of Safety

As I continue my journey at Quin, I’m filled with anticipation and determination. The road to the Ironman in France has been demanding, but with the support of Quin’s technology and the encouragement of our amazing team, I’m confident in my ability to succeed both in my personal goals and professional responsibilities.

More importantly, my experiences and large crashes over the years have solidified my belief that technology is the future of enhanced safety. By harnessing the power of data, we can create smarter, more responsive safety solutions that not only enhance performance and continue to save lives. 

I will be back with a more detailed report on how my race went, our partnerships, and the exciting data-driven developments at Quin.

Ride safe and stay connected!

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