Intelliquin Crash Detection is the first ever crash detection system integrated with the helmet hardware. Every Quin helmet features an embedded chip, proprietary circuitry and corresponding algorithm for detecting and measuring a crash.

The Intelliquin system is designed to be your guardian angel - invisible, but there for you when you need it most. 

Three alerts are sent to emergency contacts automatically when a dangerous crash is detected and authenticated. (Push Notification, Email & SMS). Intelliquin disables notifications for false alerts like helmet drops, and users can manually disable an alert during the pre-alert countdown.


IntelliQuin SOS Beacon provides live-tracking of a rider who is in need of help on-the-move. The SOS Beacon can be manually triggered by a rider when they are in need of help, but cannot pull over to make a call. 


Crime, road harassment, or poor weather conditions can be just around the corner for any rider. The SOS Beacon is designed to make calling for help as simple as possible. Just 3 taps of the call button will trigger a Push Notification and Email to 3 emergency contacts providing live location tracking of the rider in distress. Users can cancel an alert during a pre-alert countdown. 

"For critical medical incidents... a mere one minute delay in response time in-creases the mortality rate by 1%-2%. A solution that could reduce response times by only 1 minute on average would save thousands of lives per year across the nation." 

"Bikers are often vulnerable, as we can't hide behind the safety of car walls. Abuse, crime and harassment are just around the corner, and Quin has provided an awesome solution to keep peace of mind."

"The primary purpose of the technology, like the helmet itself, is to keep you safe. All the fancy gadgets and gizmos out there are of no use to you if you're not alive to enjoy them."