Review Rewards

Get Quin Store credit for posting a review!

Your feedback matters! Not only do we need to hear your feedback to improve our products and services, but other riders need it to make an informed decision on their assessment of Quin Design helmets. 

To say thank you for taking the time to share your experience, we are rewarding each eligible review with $10 in Quin Store credit. Fore more information on how to rack up your Quin Store credit, please see the instructions and terms below! 


  • Customer must have purchased a Quin Design Helmet from or have received one as a gift. Must be able to provide a valid order number upon request. 
  • A link to the review or screenshot / photo of the review must be submitted to 
  • Up to three (3) qualifying reviews may be submitted for up to a maximum of $30 of Quin Store credit per Helmet purchase. You may submit an additional three (3) reviews for each valid helmet purchase. 

Qualifying Reviews 

  • Each review must include 15 words or more. 
  • We ask that your public review reflect your honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experience with your Quin Design Helmet. Tell other riders what they should know when assessing Quin Design Helmets. 
  • The review(s) must be posted on a public forum(s). Eligible forums include: 
    • Any motorcycle group, forum, Reddit thread, related social media page/group, etc. 
    • Quin Design Facebook Reviews section. Reviews posted as a comment on posts or on the page wall do not qualify
    • Quin Design website. To leave a review on the website navigate the the helmet page and look on the right side for the "Write a Review" button. 
  • That's it - it's pretty straight forward! 

Rights Granted by you

By posting and sharing your reviews with Quin Design you understand that Quin Design, anyone acting on behalf of Quin Design, or its respective licensees, successors and assigns will have the right, where permitted by law, without any further notice, review or consent to print, publish, broadcast, distribute, and use, worldwide in any media now known or hereafter in perpetuity and throughout the World, your entry, including, without limitation, the entry and customer's name, portrait, picture, voice, likeness, image or statements about the product, and biographical information as news, publicity or information and for trade, advertising, public relations and promotional purposes without any further compensation.

If you submit a testimonial to us using our testimonials form, you agree that we may publish your testimonial, together with your name and any logo or photo that you upload using the form, on this website, and/or on any successor website that we may operate from time to time, on such page and in such position as we may determine in our sole discretion.

You further agree that we may edit the testimonial and publish edited or partial versions of the testimonial. However, we will never edit a testimonial in such a way as to create a misleading impression of your views. 

You may terminate this license by giving to us 30 days' written notice of termination. 


Quin Store Promotional Credit Terms and Conditions 

From time to time, Quintessential Design Inc. may provide customers with Quin Store Credits for promotional or other purposes. The following are the terms and conditions applicable to Quin Store Promotional Credits:

  • Credits are issued in the form of a code that can be used at checkout during your next purchase on the Quin Store. 
  • Credits may not be purchased, have no cash value, and are not redeemable for cash. Any consideration paid by customers in connection with their eligibility to receive Credits is solely related to the underlying content or products purchased.

  • Credits may only be redeemed for purchases of product from the Quin Store ( We reserve the right to exclude products from Credit redemption in our sole discretion.

  • Credits cannot be applied to any previous purchase.

  • Credits will expire on the date expressed in connection with the promotion or at the point of issuance. If no expiration date is provided, Credits will expire six (6) months from the date they are issued to you. Upon expiration, credits will no longer be available and will not be refunded.

  • If your desired purchase amount for any product is greater than your available Credits, you may pay for the difference using a payment method accepted by Quin.

  • Credits are only issued to one (1) Quin Store account and may not be split among multiple accounts.

  • Credits and Credit balances are non-transferable and may not be resold, auctioned or traded. Any attempt to combine or transfer Credits will result in forfeiture of all accumulated Credits.

  • Credits are issued in USD only. 

  • Any Credits you receive are considered a limited and revocable right solely for use towards Quin Store purchases of products. Accordingly, you have no property, proprietary, intellectual property, ownership, or monetary interest in your Credits.

  • Quin reserves the right to change or modify these Credit Terms at any time and in our sole discretion. If Quin makes changes to these Credit Terms, we will provide notice as appropriate, sometimes by updating the date at the top of these Credit Terms. Your continued use of Credits will confirm your acceptance of the revised Credit Terms. We encourage you to review the Credit Terms from time to time to ensure you understand the terms and conditions that apply to your access to, and use of, Credits.