Every Quin Helmet comes in a unique Matte-Luxe finish, which gives the helmets a clean and soft look. It appears velvety soft while offering resistance to wear and tear. Looks like luxury, wears like machinery.


Quin Helmets have the following emergency quick-release features: 

-  Cheek Padding
-  External Windshield
-  Chin Strap
-  Chin Curtain


Every Quin Helmet comes with unique colour-matched quilted lining. It is soft, durable, and oh-so-luxurious. With an additional 3mm of memory foam on each pad after a few rides the lining will conform to your face. 


Quin smart technology and bluetooth system is invisibly integrated into every Quin helmet. The speakers, mic and circuitry fit seamlessly into the helmet without compromising comfort, fit or aerodynamics. The IntelliQuin smart system provides 21st century safety essentials, never before available to riders.

The Quin bluetooth control panel is designed to be unlike anything you have ever seen on a motorcycle helmet. It is sleek and efficient, improving the aerodynamics and functionality of bluetooth connectivity. Control your music, make calls or active your SOS Beacon. 

The IntelliQuin smart technology is always evolving, and delivers new features over time. DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) is built into the technology so that any software updates, new features, or bug fixes can be rolled out by simply plugging your helmet in through the integrated micro-USB cable.